Some reviews (English)

A fantasy teenage drama, in which the 17-year-old Jessica takes us on fantastic
and scary journey through snow and suburbs, school and monsters… we find in
Ciccone an indomitable wonderfully reckless and extraordinarily creative author

Boris Sollazzo – Rolling Stone

The best Italian cinema is woman. Anne Riitta Ciccone shoots an “Arthouse teen movie”,
Les Revenants and Twilight

Aldo Fittante – Sportsweek

I’m endless like the space” recalls the Cinema of Tim Burton, the poetic candor
of “monsters” rejected by a conformist society […] Impeccable direction,
brilliant costumes and scenography.

Alessandra Levantesi – La Stampa

A film between Rilke’s poetics and electro-gothic sound, an original and courageous
creative context (…) a character that seems to have come from Saturn or some other corner of the galaxy.

Claudio Trionfera – Panorama

I’m endless like the space”, a courageous film far from the acquiescence
of contemporary Italian cinema, is a film that should not be missed because
it has rarely been seen in the Italian Cinema a work so original, international and therefore very exportable.

Luca Biscontini – Taxi Drivers


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